TUMOSAN, as it is one of our group of companies, has raised the flag, where it had taken over when it was placed as the 326th company in 2010 within the list of " Largest 500 Industrial Establishments of Turkey" that is prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) by considering the performances of industrial establishments, which have their activities in the country in general, over 1 year of period, over to the 185th place through the outstanding performance it had shown during 2011. 

TUMOSAN, which is the diesel motor manufacturer and the national tractor manufacturer of the country, has begun to yield from the investments it had carried out for the technology and for the quality after the privatisation through the successful activities it had shown during the last few years. It had crowned the fruit of its achievements for the year of the 2011 by being included at the 185th place in the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) listings. 

TUMOSAN, which includes modern, aesthetic, comfortable and durable tractors within its product range and where it has faith in the local and the self resources has preferred to implement all of these goals through the engineering potential available in the country and through its own labour force as a brand that it places priorities for these resources and has steered its activities within this line. 

We would like to congratulate our group company and its employees on account of this performance of them and wish them continued success.