Albayrak Foundation

Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and our foundations and associations, whom are the representatives in our country, employ many activities for the benefit of the public and create added value through the services they provide for the field of the social policies, which is the most important responsibility of the state, as well as providing serious contributions for democratising of the country. 

Albayrak Foundation, which has been established in 2007, has begun to have activities with objectives as to taking care of the poor within the consideration of the social solidarity morality, as to standing behind various benevolent societies, as to construction of various buildings that would have function for the utilities. 

There are about 4.603 foundations in the country, where these have statue of foundation and 246 of those have the statue of being exempt from the Corporate Tax. 

Albayrak Foundation has obtained the right to be Exempt from Tax as being under statue of public welfare foundation in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet Council as dated on 11/06/2012 and with decree number of 2012/3300. 

Public welfare activity means any type of legal activity, which supports or encourages one or more objectives as these are foreseen within the law. The following list shows the public welfare activities that are in question; 

• Amateur athletics 

• Protection of physically and mentally handicapped persons and the benefits provided for these persons 

• Scientific activities 

• Protection of children, youth and weak 

• Democracy 

• Religious affairs 

• Protection of the ecology or the environment 

• Education, tuition and informing 

• Fine arts 

• Benevolence activities 

• Ease of the load of the state 

• Prevention of racist, ethnic, religious activities or other activities that have been defined under the law 

• Humanely help or help for the disaster 

• Any other activities that support or encourage public welfare 

• Culture 

• Help for the refugees 

• Civil rights or civil rights 

• Mental of physical health 

• Social solidarity 

• Social and economical development 

• Social wealth 

• Protection of historical assets 

• Medical care 

• Protection of the consumer 

• Protection of injured and defenceless animals 

• Prevention of the poverty